Welcome to Synergy Sports Facility! We are a new and exciting place for kids to both enjoy and get better at sports. Our facility includes a full court gymnasium, indoor batting cages, training equipment for kids and more! We have one rule — WORK HARD AND HAVE FUN!!!

Bounce Boot Camp
Play Hard, Have Fun

Synergy Sports Facility started with a love of sports and a passion for helping kids. Shawn and Christy Durbin, owners of Synergy Healthcare, saw the need in the community for an indoor facility for kids. Shawn recognized the potential and drive in our area athletes- he wanted to use that drive and enthusiasm to help kids develop there skills further, to help them reach their full potential. He wanted to give those kids the opportunity (and facility) to take it to the next level.

While the idea was born with an athletic mindset, the facility has quickly taken on the mission to help more sedentary kids get healthy and fit through fun workouts and activities they are sure to love. Adding to that, pumping the kids full of good information on nutrition and how to use food as fuel for their bodies-eating the good stuff and avoiding the junk-will help area kids transform from over-weight and unhealthy to fit and fierce. All while keeping the motto in mind “Play Hard-Have Fun!”

Synergy Sports Facility houses a full-size basketball court that can also be used as two side courts, a full volleyball court or two side volleyball courts. With fun in mind, the court is also marked for pickle ball, making it the only indoor pickle ball facility in the area.

The outer walls of the court are lined with dry-erase material- write drills, keep score, challenge friends or use it as a brag board- push your friends and yourself to do more!

An indoor batting cage is located in the mezzanine along with a Swing Away system and a Strike Zone Locater to improve baseball skills.

Kickboxing bags, resistance bands, and various circuit training will be incorporated into the skills classes to help build strength, coordination, speed, agility and endurance.