Below is a quick glance at Synergy Sports Facility pricing. As you can see we offer discounts to our Synergy Sports Facility members. Strongly consider becoming a member as it will give you the best pricing and perks at Synergy.

 Non Member PricingMember Discount PricingInformation
Membership Package$35 $20 /moAdditional Family member $20
Day Pass$5
Rental: 1 Hoop$25 /hr$20 /hr
Rental: 1 Side Court$50 /hr$30 /hr
Rental: Full Court$95 /hr$50 /hr
Rental: Batting Cages$25 /half hr$15 /half hr
Birthday Party (Court + Kitchen)$200 /2 hoursContact us...
Birthday Party Bounce House Addition$50 per bounce houseUp to 3 bounce houses
Bounce Boot Camp$350 /2 hours$350 /2 hours